About Us

NASMDA is one of the longest running Sikh medical and dental professionals’ organization in all of North America. With over 1000 registered members spread across the US and Canada, NASMDA is striving to create a community of Sikh professionals who are not only connected by their strong faith in Sikhism but also through their commitment to excel in their professions. NASMDA is a focused effort to create awareness about Sikhs in North America through excellence in medical and dental professions.

Through new focused programs that are being constantly released, NASMDA strives to make a difference in North America and in India. It is hoped that with the growing membership, NASMDA will be able to fund and grow programs that will allow Sikh professionals to be seen as contributing to their immediate communities across all of North America.


  1. To promote the interest of Sikh physicians and dentists who reside in United States, Canada and elsewhere.
  2. To support Sikh Physicians and Dentists, as well as other brilliant and deserving Sikh professionals pursuing their careers in those fields or any other fields.
  3. To foster long-term associations and friendships among Sikh physicians and dentists, and to promote Medical and dental institutions and improve the delivery of service in the above fields in their homeland.
  4. To arrange for annual meetings of its members to exchange information, discuss policies, establish future course of action, and from time to time consider making amendments to the constitution. The organization will hold elections for the office bearers and consider other appropriate business at such meetings.
  5. The organization will make efforts to have educational programs during these annual meetings presented by the members of the organization or its guests.
  6. The organization will help medical and dental graduates to establish practices in different parts of the Country as well as help them to obtain adequate post graduate training in their fields of their choices.