Guru Nanak Mission Hospital

Dhahan Kaleran is located in district of Nawan Shahar in Punjab. A 250 bed full service hospital is run by Guru Nanak Mission Medical and Education Trust. Our organization was approached and requested to provide technical help and guidance in improving the delivery of medical services at the hospital. We planned to help with the volunteers in different specialties to provide assistance and advanced technical guidance to the specialists working there. We are also expected to promote development of subspecialties.

Activity so Far:

Our organization has been able to send specialists in the field of orthopedics. 3 specialists have spent significant time there and have helped to some extent in improving the delivery of orthopedics. The limitations are associated with limited financial resources of the population we serve and there inability to afford expensive procedures such as joint replacements and arthroscopy. Surgical implements and instruments have been donated by the specialists. One ENT specialist visited for about 4 weeks and helped the local doctors. One Surgeon (Proctologist) visited for a short period and donated important equipment. One pediatrician visited for a short time. One member of our organization has donated much needed urological instruments and implements. There have been visits by some members during their trips to Punjab and had a first hand look at the Hospital and either gave financial help or offered help in the future.

Recent developments:

The institute celebrated its silver Jubilee this year. A trauma centre was planned for the place and construction has started on a 12-15 crore project to be completed in 18 months. Once completed, it will go a long way to improve the quality of care. One cardiac care ambulance and 1 mobile dispensary were donated by the Canadian supporters. A modern Mammography machine has been donated by Nargis Dutt Memorial cancer trust, due to the efforts of our supporters in NY.

Our member’s comments:

Amarjot S Narula MD a psychiatrist from New Jersey had the good fortune of visiting Guru Nanak Mission Hospital in Dhahan Kalera Punjab couple of years ago. This is what he had to say I could visit only for few hrs however I was able to get a grand tour of the entire campus. I was moved and very inspired by the dedication,motivation and the missionary zeal with which Baba Budh Singh Ji and his team are functioning. I was very overwhelmed with the hospitality accorded to me. A major role for us can be providing journals for staff,education and also providing expertise in different specialities.

We both want to share our wonderful experience at Guru Nanak Mission Hospital at Dahan Kaleran in Punjab. Last year we both went to see the hospital and attended the opening ceremony of the TRAUMA centre. The staff really welcomed us with open arms. After visiting the premises, hospital, nursing school, the higher secondary school we were really impressed.The layout,facilities, clinic. nursery, intensive care units, operating rooms, wards were very clean and the equipment can be compared to one here.Having worked for a few days there we felt like at Home. Our living arrangements were excellent.The satisfaction of speaking the Punjabi language with your patients and staff one can feel we belong there, our ideas and instructions were well received. Respected Baba Ji and his staff were very warm, kind. They were open to our suggestions.We wish more people from here should go and see for themselves what a great place to work! We have decided to go this year too and spend more time and one day God willing rest of our life after retirement. So far we cannot say anything negative about that place. Any thing else you want to know we will be more than happy to share with you. With warm regards. Om and Sushma.