About Us

North American Sikh Medical and Dental Association (NASMDA) is the oldest and largest Sikh healthcare professional organization in North America. NASMDA’s network of Sikh medical and dental professionals serve as a resource through a variety of activities that serve the broader Sikh community.

With over 1000 registered members in the United States and Canada, NASMDA is creating a community of Sikh healthcare expertise. These individuals are not only connected by their strong faith in Sikhism, but also through their commitment and dedication.

NASMDA’s vision is to fund and expand programs to make a difference. Sikh general practitioners and specialists thus have an avenue to voice their contributions, and their expertise will be accessible to immediate communities around the world.

NASMDA’s goals based on the bylaws:
1. To promote Sikh physicians and dentists globally as well as medical and dental institutions in other parts of the world
2. To support brilliant and deserving Sikh professionals pursuing healthcare careers
3. To foster long-term associations and friendships with members
4. To improve the delivery of service and overall healthcare quality globally
5. To create awareness, generate interest and guide the younger generations of healthcare professionals and allow for adequate post graduate training in specific fields

NASMDA will coordinate and host annual meetings with members creating an organized forum to exchange information, discuss policies, educate on areas of expertise, establish future course of action, etc.