2013 – New Jersey

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa   Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

 I hope you are all getting ready to enjoy the festive fall season and family get-togethers.

It is time for us to  reflect and go over the 21st  Annual NASMDA meeting in Parsippany NJ , Oct 10th -13th  at The Hilton Parsippany. Some pictures from the meeting are posted on our Facebook site “https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10202524764867213&set=pcb.621274324576216&type=1&theater“. Few are at the bottom of this page too.

First of all on behalf of the entire executive board & personally, I would like to thank each and every one of you and your families who travelled all the way to Parsippany NJ to attend & participate. I hope you all enjoyed the meeting, and if there were any glitches or misgivings please accept my heartfelt and personal apologies.

This year we had all our events at the conference hotel. The Oct 10th Thursday dinner reception had a decent turnout. The food was catered by Chand Palace a premier restaurant from Parsippany and was delicious. This is one reception where people get to reminisce and go over last year’s events.

It was very impressive to see many younger generation Sikh doctors, medical students, and residents, that attended the meeting. They showed remarkable zeal in participating despite the limitations of studies, careers & small children. We had about 40 percent of registrants who were of the younger generation.

The general body meeting gave us a chance to introduce ourselves and also served as a chance to start interacting with attendees who were there for the first time.

As always Dr Mandeep S Dhalla the CME Coordinator put up a stellar CME program with magnificent speakers . This time the CME was held on Friday October 11th & Saturday Oct 12th. He deserves commendation for an exemplary job. We were all impressed by the ease and proficiency with which the speakers delivered the lectures and responded to many questions. Substance Abuse Lecture captured the gist of the problem we have been facing.  Capt. Dr Tejdeep Singh Rattan, DDS   one of the Sikh army officers gave an enchanting presentation on Healthcare Delivery in the Combat Zone and I must say it was spell bound. His lecture was one of the highlights. Presentations by the grant recipients were remarkable and a sure sign that future of NASMDA is very bright. Non CME lectures on Janamsakhis, Ik Manzil (Sikh Philanthropy), Surat Initiative captivated the audience.

Dr  Tejpal S Dhillon  who was filling in for  Dr Amarjit S Nijjar who joined later, put up a wonderful  evening “For NASMDA by NASMDA” which had new performers, delightful comedians, poets, singers and a solo dance by a young performer, Harnoor Kaur Sachar . DJ Gogy Singh and Malvinder Singh on tabla certainly added to the colorful evening. The dance floor was busy for part of the evening.  Again we had a real treat when the attendees enjoyed the very delicious dinner catered by Chand Palace.

The Saturday evening banquet dinner & concert had a very well-known singer MS Sunita Kapur who was accompanied by her musicians and Dr Manpreet Singh (vocal) & S Raghbir Singh on Tabla. MS Kapur with her lively songs and a melodious voice had the crowds dancing and doing bhangra – both young and old. Dr Manpreet Singh with his enchanting voice was not behind and sang some ghazals which were heart rendering. I never saw the dancing floor empty except when there were presentations.  I do think everyone had a great time.

Capt. Dr Tejdeep Singh Rattan, DDS & Major Dr Kamaljit Singh Kalsi, DO were honored for their service in the US Army as Sikh Americans. I must thank Dr Manbir K Pannu our Dental Liaison for her efforts in arranging for their presence amongst us.

Also honored were Dr Mohan Deep Singh Dhillon (outgoing President) & Dr Mandeep Singh Dhalla (outgoing CME Coordinator) for their outstanding contribution, exemplary seva and vision.

Congratulations to new Life members this year:

Jagtar S Heir, DO

Davinder K Guram, MD

Surb S Guram, MD

Varinder S Rathore, MD

Manmeet K Malik , DO

Heartiest Congratulations to our 2013 Meeting/Travel Grant Recipients who attended the meeting

Amandeep Kaur,MD,Extern ,Hollis, NY

Anupreet Kaur Singh ,DMD ,PGY I ,NY

Baldeep Kaur Chera, MD, PGY-II, Canton, OH

Gunisha Kaur, MD, PGY III, New York, NY

Hargun Kaur Singh, DMD, PGY I, Castle Point, NY

Harmandeep Singh, MS III, Piscataway, NJ

Jasmeet Kaur, MS III, Galveston, TX

Rajdeep Kaur Saini, MD, PGY II, Brooklyn, NY

Sarabjeet Kaur Arneja MD, PGY III   New York, NY

Satinderdeep Kaur, DMD, PGY I, Hackensack, NJ

Simren Jit Kaur Singh, PGY I, Glenview, IL

I sincerely hope the grant recipients will spread the word about NASMDA and highlight the importance of joining and being active in the organization.

Heartfelt Congratulations and best wishes to Dr Kulwant Singh Modi Secretary Treasurer and other members of his team.

Elections were held for the members at large and they are:

Baljinder S Bathla, MD

Tejinder S Glamour, MD

Maninder S Gujral, MD

Varinder S Rathore MD

Sirtaz S Sibia ,DO

CME CO – Directors

Amarjit Singh   MD

Harjit S Bajaj MD


Amarjot S Narula  MD

 Dental Liaison

Manbir K Pannu DDS

Entertainment Director

Amarjit S Nijjar     MD

Executive Secretary

Mrs. Parminder K Dhillon

 Past President

Mohan Deep S Dhillon MD

Aug 29th – Sept 1st 2014 (Labor Day Weekend) is the date for next year’s annual meeting.

 Other events to remember are:

NASMDA cruise Dec 22nd to Dec 29th 2013 (details on website)

 February 2014 a NASMDA weekend in Florida dates to be announced.

This certainly will help us with the continued momentum.

 Dr Modi will keep you informed of the exact venue for the annual meeting once it is finalized.

Please remember NASMDA will have a new beginning. There are going to be very exciting changes which Dr Modi is going to keep you abreast .  Please ensure NASMDA has your most current email address and also pass this communication to your Sikh doctor friends  who you believe are not aware of us. Our email address is NASMDA@gmail.com .

Our website is www.NASMDA .org, very ably managed by our now Immediate Past President Dr Mohan Deep S Dhillon.

We have a Facebook page “North American Sikh Medical and Dental Association”. We are extremely grateful to Dr  Navdeep S Nijher & Dr  Desh Singh for being administrators.  .

On behalf of the entire NASMDA board I join you in wishing you all a pleasant fall and happy thanks giving and wish the new executive team a resounding success.

Please give all your cooperation to Dr Kulwant S Modi Ji and his new team in their endeavors. Now he will be communicating with you mainly.

An organisation is only as  successful as its members want it to be, so please get involved, support the NASMDA executive and  lets make 2014 even better

Guru Fateh

Amarjot S Narula., MD DFAPA

North American Sikh Medical & Dental Association

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